Class Action Litigation

A class action lawsuit is a lawsuit in which a large number of people with similar legal issues are represented by a small number of individuals. These individuals are known as class representatives. Class action lawsuits serve the purpose of resolving widely spread legal disputes that may cause small amounts of damages to each class member. Because many people are not willing to vindicate their rights for smaller amount of damage, class members benefit from the case without being specifically named in the lawsuit and participating in the litigation.

Because class action lawsuits involve many complexities and nuances it is critical that a class representative be represented by an attorney who understands class action litigation. The attorneys of Butsch Roberts & Associates LLC have a widely-recognized record of success representing consumers and employees. Our attorneys have brought millions of dollars back to consumers and employees in Missouri and Illinois. Our cases have received nation-wide recognition, including articles written about our cases in The Wall Street Journal.

Our attorneys have also published many articles concerning class action litigation. These publications can be found in the American Bar Association.

Class Action Litigation Services: